5 Steps to Improve Supply Chain Visibility in 2023

If your supply chain is functioning properly, your items will arrive on time. The supply chain market is predicted to increase by 11.2% each year until it reaches $15.85 billion in 2027. The end to end supply chain visibility improves the openness and dependability of multinational supply chains.

According to experts, just 6% of businesses are entirely transparent. According to 38% of small companies in the United States, Covid-19’s lack of visibility caused supply chain delays. Changes in supply and demand make it difficult for many businesses to recover.

Lack of real time supply chain visibility expertise immediately leads to reduced productivity, more expenses, and a negative brand reputation. Your company will fare better if your supply chain is more transparent. In 2023, some recommendations will be made to improve the transparency of the supply chain.

What Is Supply Chain Visibility?

The supply chain is transparent and demonstrates each stage of the process, from obtaining raw materials to consuming the completed product. There are less disparities in how items and information are distributed when the supply chain is more transparent. The following are some indicators of visibility in the end to end supply chain process:

End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility

When we can trace things from the moment they are purchased as raw materials until the time they are delivered out, we claim we have end-to-end visibility into our supply chain. Logistics, pricing, quality control, and customer service are all components of supply chain management.

Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility

Real-time supply chain visibility allows you to always know where your items are and how they are moving. It demonstrates what is wrong and why it continues to occur.

Global Supply Chain Market

According to the research, the worldwide SCM market would increase at a CAGR of 9.4% from $29.9 billion in 2022 to $45.2 billion in 2027.

The market is expanding because it is becoming increasingly vital to improve the efficiency and clarity of supply chain data. Concerns about data security and privacy at work may stifle fresh ideas.

Because RFID constantly monitors objects, it is simpler to prevent expensive items from being stolen. RFID simplifies warehouse operations by making it easier to identify items and improves supply chain efficiency. Because of supply chain visibility tools, shipping and receiving parcels is now completely automated.

Radio frequency identification aids in identification, data validation, and reducing human error (RFID). This makes labeling and tracking items easy. RFID improves SCM, increases safety, and saves money. As a result, it is predicted to have the highest CAGR.

For the foreseeable future, large corporations will continue to dominate the majority of the market.

Because SCM systems and services may be installed in the cloud or on-premises, they are being used by an increasing number of major enterprises, and this trend is projected to continue. Large corporations typically invest in research and development of new technologies in order to increase productivity and efficiency.

As the volume of data rises, large corporations must invest in technological skills and IT infrastructure to automate procedures. Cloud-based supply chain management (SCM) services and technologies help major firms save money on both upfront capital and ongoing expenditures.

The region of APAC is predicted to have the greatest CAGR.

Experts in the supply chain believe that more mergers and acquisitions will take place in the Asia-Pacific area in order to achieve economies of scale, encourage digitalization through technical improvements and regional/vertical diversity, and achieve economies of scale. The fact that supply chain visibility solution in Asia-Pacific nations like as China, India, and Japan are becoming more efficient is driving demand for SCM software and services.

5 Supply Chain Visibility Solutions

When there is greater openness in the supply chain, it functions better. You may achieve your objective by following the five stages outlined below:

Examine the State of Your Supply Chain at the Moment

If you look at your supply chain, people could pay more attention to your business. It gives a thorough picture of the visibility supply chain management and highlights any possible problems. Speak to individuals inside and outside of your company. Find the location of the objects in the supply chain using data analytics.

Using Data Interpretation to Promote Effective Decision-Making

Problems can be prioritized based on long-term goals once they have been recognized. With everyone involved, be honest about your goals. Make trustworthy data structures that may be used for data processing and evaluation. The proper remedies may be adopted once supply chain problems have been identified.

Think about how you could improve or clarify the supply chain visibility and transparency. What do customers anticipate from your company’s supply chain? What problems does it have, and how does it affect how well it works?

Work Together With Vendors, Partners, and Rivals

The supply chain becomes more transparent when suppliers, business partners, and even competitors work together. Collaboration must be encouraged at both the horizontal and vertical levels (with rivals and suppliers). Business alliances may eventually make it simpler to exchange data and monitor end-to-end supply chain visibility activity.

The Most Effective Technology

The supply chain industry is becoming more dependable and transparent because to cutting-edge technology like artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and others.

Modern supply chain management systems make it simpler to be transparent. The applications and APIs from Agistix optimize and simplify logistical processes. You may use Agistix to plan the best times for shipping, receiving, and stock management.

Analyze Results and Keep Forward

Changes cannot be made to items that have not yet been evaluated. Find out what your key performance indicators are and what your influence is. Use information measurement methods to improve understanding. Always keep your team informed of how things stand

To increase public understanding of the supply chain, a sustained, all-encompassing development effort is needed. Adapt your company’s goals in light of new information.

Benefits of Supply Chain Visibility

Visibility into the real time transportation provides several benefits. Real-time data interchange may improve the effectiveness, accuracy, and level of service of a company’s supply chain. The advantages are best summarized as follows:

Increased Efficiency

The efficacy of resource management is increased by the use of transportation platform analysis. Efficiency rises as costs are decreased. Visibility of the supply chain increases productivity.

Enhanced Accuracy

Having trustworthy information is necessary for making wise decisions. You can be sure that the information you have is reliable when you can observe what’s happening in the supply chain. There will be fewer errors and better business decisions as a result.

Improved Customer Service

Quick problem resolution is made possible by the supply chain evaluation. Response times and user satisfaction therefore increase. Complete supply chain transparency is necessary for outstanding customer service.

Lower Costs Equate to Greater Supply Chain Visibility

The cost of the supply chain is decreased when there is visibility. By keeping an inventory, you can determine the delivery routes that are most affordable for your goods. Saving money is a given when there is transparency in the supply chain. A greater knowledge could result in less spending.

Superior Risk Management

Without first recognizing possible dangers and then taking steps to reduce them, supply chain visibility cannot be accomplished. When all supply chain linkages are revealed, issues may be resolved quickly. Early risk management is made easier by supply chain transparency.

Greater Decision-Making Efficiency

Any business must use good judgment. Making wise decisions is made possible by having visibility into the shipment visibility. Then you may fix whatever needs to be fixed. Decisions made by businesses are improved as a result.

Improved Collaboration

The best decisions are made possible by everyone’s skills. Gaining insight into the supply chain may encourage collaboration and communication.


5 Steps to Improve Supply Chain Visibility in 2023


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